About the Authors


Olivia Djibo

From the Ivory Coast. Purdue Aero Grad. Engineer by day, event styling fairy by night. Passion for entertaining and people. Mom to twins. Married to Olivier. Loves the unexpected touch.

Favorite spot in Houston?

McGovern Centennial Gardens, Calming and Stunning

Crasiest thing you've ever eaten?

Ant Lollipops and Ant Wafers

If a cocktail was named after you, what would it be called?

Selamat Pagi ( everyone who worked with me in Indonesia knows why :-))

On all your travels where would you return to tomorrow?

Singapore Singapore Singapore

What do you do as a hobby?

Creating and Decorating for gatherings

Favorite activity with your kids?

Feeding "Sam" our neighbor's goat

olivia@sourisrose.com   |   sourisrose.com

Katie O'Malley

Loyola New Orleans design grad. Lover of the sticky South. Never content with a mild amount of spice in food or life. Two kids, two dogs, and never enough hands.

Favorite spot in Houston?

Playing beach volleyball at Third Coast or sitting on the patio at Cedar Creek.

Where can we find you on most Thursday nights?

At Pengu (swim school for my toddlers) and then at Berryhill for a kid-friendly dinner.

If you were to be transplanted to another city, what would you miss the most about Houston?

Tex Mex and the weather (I actually don't mind the 90+ degree days!)

Top 2 items to do next from your bucket list?

Visit Italy (adults only) & take the kids camping for the first time.

A movie and/or a TV show that you will never get tired of watching?

"The Devil Wears Prada"

komalley1281@gmail.com  |  beardeddogdesign.com